Any doubt? check out these FAQs.

It's not much of hard work, you just have to sign up with your phone number and choose the game of your interest.
No, this is not a fake app. Your earnings or losing is not in our hands. Sometimes the users can’t get instant balance or information on their dashboard so they assume it to be fraud or fake but this is not the case, technological issues do occur at times. Yes, we do transfer the earned money within 3 business days for basic users and if you’re a prime member then the amount will be transferred immediately. No, it's not possible for the users to chats within the app but this feature is under processing.
Paytm banking is accepted only while you add money in the wallet. However, improvisation and modifications are under process.
For now, earned money is being transferred into the bank account of our users. However, more payment options will be provided soon.
Earning from referring will be of some use if you play with that referral money. Though referral money can be used only on table LDT10. If you'll win you can transfer the earned money into your bank accounts and if you lose you’ll be given coins which are further used for either online or offline shopping.
Earning from referring will be of some use if you play on table LDT10 with that referral money. Referral is not another medium to earn money but to help you well as more on table LTD10.
Qeeda coins are as important as real cash money. When you win the game you can earn real money but when you lose you are given coins, which is like a win-win situation in your case. Those coins are then used in online and offline stores regarding several facilities such as food, shopping, etc.
Instant payment feature is provided to our prime members. If you're a basic user then the amount will be transferred within 3 business days in your bank account.
Your earnings are depended upon the times you win, and a single user can play as many times as you want to. Though you are allowed to transfer only 2000 rupees and minimum 50 rupees. But you must have 20 rupees at least in your wallet to play further.
No, your personal information is secured and protected. Nobody can see how much you’ve earned or lose, in whatever case may be. So, keep the dice rolling.

Violating rules and regulations will lead to suspension of a users profile for a certain time period. Repeating the same mistake again will result in suspending the profile forever.

Conditions due to which the profile will be suspended are:

  • Using virtual numbers for an ample amount of referral money.
  • Inserting credit card money, but not for playing for converting into the real cash money to be transferred into their debit bank account.
  • Trying to signing up with numerous numbers on a single device.

Yes, we are going to launch new games. Dots and boxes is yet another that will be launched within 7 days. Stay connected and enthusiastic as you were with the lucky dice.
If you’re our basic user then the earned amount will be transferred within 3 business days. And if you’re our prime member then instant payments will be drawn into your account.
It doesn't matter how many qeeda coins you have currently to shop. Every store has its own requirements.most of our merchants accept up to 100% qeeda coins. And if you don’t have enough coins or don’t desire to giveaway many coins, editing can be done as well.
We have tie-ups with several offline and online stores to help you shop with coins. Yet qeeda coins are used only in stores that are mentioned not other than that. And the good news is that we are expanding our games and online-offline stores to give you more options soon.
All the users playing as your opponent in the game are real users and not systemized. And if the users were computerized then you wouldn’t have to wait for another user to play with you, you could have constantly got another user to play with.
Money is deducted only in the case of entry fees of a game, there is no other case of losing money otherwise. Wallet, referral money or coins will remain the same even if we launch new games. Money or coins earned from the new game will be submitted in the same place where it is being transferred now.
Not everything is about earning. For you its nothing but a win-win situation. If you win you earn money if you lose you earn coins, that can be used for further shopping, so you didn’t really lose. You are allowed to play as much as you desire to either by adding money or with referral money.
We are already warning you that don’t preassume this game as a source of gambling. In adding money option you can add money in your game wallet from your bank account or through debit or credit card. To add money several options are provided such as net banking, credit/debit card, and numerous wallets. In sending money you can send your earned money from wallet to your bank accounts.
No, it’s not required to have coins in the wallet before sending earned money into your bank account. You can easily send the money you won while playing even without having a single coin.
We are really happy that you are actually going down to the stores mentioned to use your coins. It's really simple you need to click on the “Scan” option first, then scan the QR code provided by the respective shop. After the code is scanned the details of the shop arise on its own. Every shop has its own policy on how much % of coins are accepted. Soon our new merchants will be accepting 100% qeeda coins because we treat one coin equals to one rupee. Hope, this was helpful. For more details contact us on support@qeedagame.com or at 9205772561.
To redeem coins for online stores first thing you have to do is either sign up on their websites or use their app by signing up from the same number as you have signed up on qeeda with. Then your earned coins will be transferred in the apps wallet as rupees. Because we treat each coin as one rupee, then you can purchase anything you want to from the app.
Certainly not. Cheating, fraud or hacks don’t work on qeeda game.
The developers of the game have tracked scams earlier so to stop all this in once, each user is allowed to create only one account from a single device. You aren’t allowed to signup with different numbers from a single device.
Only one withdrawal request can be processed in 24 hours. You need to have a minimum of 70 rupees in the wallet among them 50 will be transferred and 20 is required to keep in wallet itself. The maximum amount that you can transfer in your bank account is 2000 rupees in a day and not more than that.
No, coins are only used for shopping purpose. Though, you can play with referral money or real money. And if you don’t have any of them, then you have to add money from your bank account.
If you’re waiting for an opponent to play for a very long while then you are allowed to exit without having to pay fine, hence no amount will be deducted from your wallet.
No, your credentials are safe and secured. If you are re-installing the app with same login credentials then your earned money and coins will be safe.
If your opponent goes inactive in between the game then he/she will be given 20 seconds to get back on the game table and if they didn’t return back then the amount will be deducted from their wallet and you will get the refund within few minutes.
The rule of the game is to fulfill the target of exact 50 points, not more than that not less than that. The only person to get an exact 50 points will win.
We are really sorry for the inconvenience, there must be some technical issues, please try again within a few minutes.
Either your friend hasn’t typed the correct referral code or there must be some error. Send us your registered contact number we will get back to you after reviewing the issue.
There must be some technical issues, it will be credited in your account real soon. Send us your registered contact number if you have further queries, we will surely get back to you.
Check again if you have provided wrong bank details by mistake. For further inquiries contact us. On support@qeedagame.com or at 9205772561.