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Qeeda app is a Gorz Infotech product. Here you can Play, Shop & Join contest to win Cashback, Deals, Coupons & Shopping Credits.

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Here you can shop, join contest & play games to win cashback , Deals, Coupons & Shopping Credits.

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Any doubt? check out these FAQs.

How to play?

To play this game, click on "Start game" on lucky dice card, there after you will find six different tables with different entry fee and winning amount. You can go with any one at a time. Click on play button of any table. Now your are on game, the game will start immediate if there is your opponent otherwise it will wait till opponent joins the same table. There is a time limit in the game of 20 seconds on each roll. You have to roll the dice with in 20 seconds otherwise it will be rolled by itself. The winning score is 50, player who reach the score first will be winner and will earn real cash that can be transferred to bank account and player who lost the game will get "Qeeda Coins" which can be redeemed to "Qeeda Store" where any thing can be purchased using these coins.

How to use qeeda coin?

'Qeeda coins can be used on "Qeeda Store" where you can purchase anything what you love using these qeeda coins. You need to add products to your shopping cart and then place the order. Your order will be delivered within 3-4 days.

How to transfer won money to bank account?

You can easily transfer your won money to any bank account. To transfer money first you need to add your bank details. Go to more section and click on "Bank Account", there after you will get your bank account if already added, if not click on "Add New Account" and fillup all the required details. Now go to your wallet and click on send money, where you will see you added bank account and a amount section. Enter amount to be transferred and click on send money. It will take some time to credit your money to your bank account. You will receive a confirmation message on transaction successful.